Crazy & Functional


Can your life be so crazy that it ends up making you functional?
If crazy can be influenced by a life beginning in rodeo and functional can be influenced by a
profession as a therapist, then the answer is easy: You decide.
What it is to be “crazy” and what it is to be “functional” are relative to the individual.
Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to distinguish between the two. And sometimes, it takes a
book filled with a lifetime’s wroth of experiences. Even those considered crazy.
OCD? It’s in there. Anxiety? In there. Trauma? Take a number. Substance abuse? All
depends on how you define “abuse.”
Yet despite the titillation from the full-frontal crazy, the heart of this story is in resilience.
And if you think resilience can only come from positivity, enlightenment, or deep breaths …
think again.